Matching Students & StartUps
Matching Students & Startups

Matching Students & Startups

Get the opportunity to listen and talk to a wide range of startups and students and discuss different kinds of collaborations together, such as job openings, freelance gigs, internships, or thesis placements. This is the perfect opportunity and an excellent experience on your resume.

During the networking session, a wide range of startups get the opportunity to pitch their open positions (internship, part-time internship, part-time job, co-founder, team member). Students who find a particular startup interesting will apply for the position and make arrangements that could be life-changing.

Don't miss out on a unique networking event, where you can start your path within the entrepreneural world. Did we mention there is food, beer and great tunes?
Are you a startup looking for extremely qualified candidates and want to present yourselves, reach out to and present your case no later than September 1st. Are you a student, or just interested in the startup scene, register for the event today! 

The event is taking place at SOHO at Flæsketorvet 68 in Kødbyen.


Copenhagen as a place for talent


Asbjørn Overgaard & Johnny Alexander Gunneng

Asbjørn Overgaard & Johnny Alexander Gunneng

Asbjørn, CEO at Copenhagen Capacity and Johnny, CEO at InfoTiles will welcome you all with a short talk about the talent pool in the danish entrepreneurial ecosystem. We dive into how we retain talent and how startups can use talent from all over the world to evolve and develop their business.

Copenhagen Capacity is working to connect foreign talent and international businesses to excel in Greater Copenhagen.

InfoTiles provides real-time analytics solutions for Digital Water that span the water value chain, from supply through consumption to wastewater treatment and surveillance of natural waterways. They have just decided to open an office in Denmark.

Think big from day one…


Sebastian Nielsen

Sebastian Nielsen

Founder of SLOW Coffee

Here from one of the hottest entrepreneurs in Denmark right now. Sebastian Nielsen from SLOW is making waves. With the mission to produce coffee in a sustainable and responsible way, he includes all kinds of talent and works closely with farmers all over the world.

Panel discussion from the universities



Stephanie Clemente (CSE), Frederik Hinz (The Royal Academy), Thor Rigtrup (DTU) & Søren Land (SDU) with Morten Ugelvig (Venture Cup) as moderator.

CSE, DTU, SDU and The Royal Academy are pitching their efforts for more innovation and entrepreneurial spirit on university level. After that they will all participate in a panel discussion, and dig deeper into how entrepreneurship and education should go hand in hand.

How to balance a Masters degree and a startup



Frederik Riber Larsen

Founder of Arriber 

Frederik Riber Larsen was tired of the bureaucratic process when he worked at the Trade Council as an intern in Barcelona. He decided to quit the internship and start his own company while studying for his Master's degree in Business & Development Studies at CBS. Frederik has only been to 4 lectures in a year, and he has managed to pass 1st year at the Master, while he has tested his business model and gathered the Arriber team. Arriber is now a company that helps Danish companies scale to Germany and Spain.

Networking on the market place, food and drinks!



After the on stage program, the marketplace will be open for networking! You will have a unique opportunity to talk to all kinds of startups, and see if there could be a potential match. You can also talk to like minded students and maybe end up with the perfect partner for a future startup adventure!